The M&M Group with Michael & Mary

Remain High Vibe and Inspired during these Challenging Times!

Receive inspirations from Archangel Michael and Mary Soliel about 3 times a week, delivered right to your email inbox! Magical synchronicities, new ways of thinking and being, angel-sent messages, God's gifts being beamed to us, and much more.  Pictures are often part of the message, so please be cognizant of the space it will take up in your email storage. We need to stay as high vibe and positive as possible, which is the pure intent of this offering to You!

Everything we do for ourselves affects the whole world, and we really are each changing the world with everything we are from day to day. I want to work with Michael to bring more inspiration and messages to help accomplish high energy and wonderment in our lives. And yes, despite the chaos around the world... especially so. I don't know how long I will do this for as I still have my eyes on movie making, etc., but I am so happy to provide this for as long as I am meant to. The extra bonus? Uncensored and free, unlike on social media!

Past M&M Group Members paid membership dues each month to be in this group for years, however during these challenging times I'm offering this

FREE to you!

Yet Love Donations are most gratefully accepted at any time:

(no pressure or judgement whatsoever, either way!)
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or P.O. Box 555, Flagler Beach, FL 32136

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