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Transcend These Times with
A New Way of Being

—A Zoom Event—
Sunday, May 1, 2022
12 - 2 pm EST

9 am PST / 10 am MST / 11 am CST / 12 pm EST / 18:00 CET

People tend to move through these uncertain and chaotic times in one of two ways. Either paralyzed in fear of the unknown and reacting in the same old ways to a world that is falling away... Or, ideally, transcending fear as much as possible by facing truths, being prepared, and learning to harness peace, joy, and inspiration by growing a new way of being. We seek unlimited new, creative possibilities while living in a world that is chaotic outside of us, yet can be kept separate from our inner lives.


We are evolving rapidly now toward a New Earth where love and peace reside, unlike nothing we've ever known. It is time to embrace the creativity we each hold to assume the new ways of being. Everything that Archangel Michael has shared through me since 2001 about our New Earth is coming into fruition; at least signs of such. We must face the fact that these are far from easy times, but we can utilize practices to stay above, stay strong, and create anew!


Regardless of which path we lean toward, we are all being pulled toward great change, and that transition can by choice be either difficult or a natural, Divinely led process. Societal norms held over generations are suddenly losing their popularity so rapidly. We are caring less about how we look, while caring much more about how we feel, physically and emotionally. We are drifting from the desire for material possessions as we are much more drawn to growing ourselves and serving others. We find ourselves appreciating all that we have and perhaps took for granted, now that much has been tampered with or taken away.


We are naturally learning how to follow our own drummer versus societal expectations. Many are losing interest in putting celebrity "royalty" up on pedestals and rather seeing themselves as the true and sovereign royalty in the rising! How we entertain and sustain ourselves is growing more natural, versus synthetic, as we feel inspired to be more creative in our pursuits, solutions, and expressions.


Do we dare hold relentless faith in our Creator? The answer to that question will make all the difference as we navigate through these times.  And so, may we face fears of the unknown by connecting closer to God, combined with our intellect and golden intuition. Being smart and planning ahead quells the concerns and potential fears that can weigh us down. The meek shall indeed inherit the earth, my friends... it is clearly happening as the extreme darkness that has been running planet earth is presently in a free fall right now, like never before.

Be inspired during this event with Mary, overseen by AA Michael, to:

* Go more inward now... we are naturally doing this

* Connect to God like never before in new and profound ways

* Remain aware of and research truths, they can literally save one's life

* Face the fears we may hold and let's transcend them togethermany smart tips and solutions will be shared to calmly be well prepared for these times

* Discover new work, new projects, new ideas to support our New Earth

* Call forth, nurture, and grow your new 5D gifts and abilities coming in

* Breathe your way into a peaceful state with a simple and surefire breath technique

* Laugh often, move through each day with consistent levity to keep you light

* Hear your higher self talking louder to you now, particularly when at rest and through dreams

* Seek ways to make nature a part of every day no matter the weather outside

* Immerse yourself in discovering new ways of being in this most highly creative time

* Consider what's no longer working because it's actually magically revealing what we DO want for our New Earth instead... whole new paradigms await

* Gratitude your way into your desires manifested

* Meditate your way to peacefulness and Divine connection

* Imagine your new self, new life, new earth

* Be like a dolphin: intuitive, alert, joyful, & high vibe, even though dolphins face their own dangers too


During the last 20 minutes, we will together recite the Forgiveness Prayer

& Mary will provide a live Gazing!

If new to you, please learn about the gazings here.

Have a pad of paper handy to jot some notes.

Only $22 per person!

Reserve your space here...


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