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Heart to Heart Sessions

I am excited to offer Heart to Heart Sessions to you, especially during this shift of the ages!

These gatherings by phone or skype are designed to support you in your spiritual growth and understanding. The goal of these Heart to Heart discussions is to provide spiritual advice and deep-rooted, profound inspiration to support you in your increasingly enlightened life during these challenging times!


* How to not only cope, but persevere and stay high vibe through this challenging year of 2022!

* Connect with God like never before! As a collective, we have strayed from our most vital connection.
* Learn how to better connect with your angels and bring them into your daily life experience

* Consider ways to let go of all that is not serving you as you break free from societal conditioning and become your own drummer

* Seek and bring forth peace and calm using spiritual principles and methods

*  Call forth clarity on your life purpose

* Harness the magic of the Universe by stepping up your awareness of synchronicity that is guiding and blessing you daily

*  Delve into ways you can embrace the magic of nature and allow it to heal you

* Create powerful affirmations that can improve your life greatly and result in a more positive attitude

* Work towards unconditional love and forgiveness of self and others for true freedom and increased joy in this life

* Manifest what you desire, realizing that your desires and what you feel you really need may have changed

*  Become a channel of the angelic realm with ease and joy

* Channel messages from your heart, where your greatest wisdom dwells

* And much more...

Heart to Heart sessions are in no way therapy for mental or emotional issues. I am not a trained psychotherapist or related mental health professional, and these sessions do not serve clients in this manner whatsoever. Again, these sessions are intended to support and inspire you in your spiritual growth,  understanding, and inspiration. While I am a channel of Archangel Michael, the sessions will not be comprised of personal channeled messages. I can indeed help empower you to learn to receive answers from the highest of the high for yourself, though, if this interests you.

The session will be followed up with a brief summary and often links, contacts, recommendations, or suggestions brought up during the meeting via an emailed message to you.

To schedule a Heart to Heart session, choose the length of session--or number of questions you wish to ask if you'd rather have it in written form--and order through paypal. Please email me three best days of the week and times (let me know your time zone) and we can schedule from there. Also, in that email please provide your phone number, or your skype name if you prefer to have a skype session. All international sessions, with those outside of the US and Canada, will be via skype.

~ Mary Soliel


30 minutes $50

45 minutes $70

60 minutes $90

1 email question: $25

2 email questions $50

3 email questions $75

Drop down menu, make your choice:


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