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Request a Job from Mare Poppins

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Thanks for submitting your request! Mare will be in touch with you shortly!

MARE POPPINS to the Rescue!


* Don’t want to cross that bridge to run an errand today?

* Need a few things from Publix or Ace or ...?

* Want a cup of Joe and/or breaky delivered to you and yours?

* Remote computer work/social media business postings/virtual assistant/personal assistant tasks?  Mare’s a writer and can help with letters/emails/advertising/typing from handwritten, etc. Heck,  she can even help you write and publish a book!

* Desire to have some research done for planning, purchases, etc? 

Mare is on the computer when not out flying around with her umbrella.

* Have Mare deliver a totally unexpected surprise of flowers, a present, some food to your dear spouse at work or a sweet neighbor down the road that you appreciate? (She doesn’t sound anything like Julie Andrews, but she will sing her heart out with “Happy Birthday”)


Something else… ? 

Well *Supercalifrajalistic*… Just ask Mare!


Most Reliable * Honest * Kind & Joyful * Fair * (Ask Bert!)


Available 7 days a week! 7 am - 2 pm


$17/hr. for Flagler Beach residents 

(will offer quote on writing jobs)

(+$.50/mi if driving to/from additional destination)


Cash or check only (let’s stray from digital!)

Simply fill out form above, and Mare will be in touch with you soon!

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