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A Personal Message from Michael?

Mary is now offering personal messages from Archangel Michael through her to you.

Since channeling Archangel Michael beginning in November 2001, Mary has not offered personal readings and only offered his messages for the greater whole. However, several have increasingly come to Mary for support in this way. We are enduring most challenging and confusing times, and while Michael through Mary have always taught one to connect to their heart for answers, primarily, it may be helpful during such difficult times for additional avenues that provide clarity. There is also something about being on the Big Island now that feels extra supportive to Mary for this new service.

If you would like to receive a message from Michael, Mary will connect with him and ask a simple question on your behalf:

"What do you most want (your name) to know right now?" And Mary will channel a personal message for you, type it out, and provide to you in email format. At this point in time, Mary will not be channeling specific questions.

If you would like to receive a message from Michael through Mary Soliel, simply purchase a reading through paypal. You can also purchase more than one and they will be spaced out about a week apart.

$33 per message.

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Simply request your message via paypal. You will receive immediate confirmation and shall receive your reading within one to five days.