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Michael's Seven Golden Steps E-Course

Begins April 4, 2022!

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A Powerful 7-Week Course to Help Prepare You for Our New Earth!

I led this most popular e-course a total of 10 times since 2010. The majority of participants retook it several times (retakes were free) because they were seeing grand changes in their lives. Back then, people were loving the course but most didn’t believe they’d see our shift to the New Earth during their lifetimes. I have a feeling they may believe it now! So I’m being clearly guided that it is the perfect time to offer this again. The course is directly based off of wisdom and passages from my first book with Archangel Michael, Michael’s Clarion Call! 

Because this course won’t be interactive with the Facebook group like it was in the past, I am lessening the price from $88 to just $55 for the 7-week course!

Every Monday you will receive a pdf of one of Michael’s Seven Golden Steps that you can keep for always, and will go at your own pace to complete it each week. I will check in with all of you from time to time!

Here are some testimonials from past participants:

“This is The Manual for Living Life…"

“I knew it would bring me many blessings. And it did, it changed my life!” 

“I improved my intuitive, channeling abilities."

“You are tending to my heart like a master gardener. Carefully nurturing the new growth while pulling the weeds at the root!"

"It has been a life-changing course for me…"

"Timely lessons sent every week that will amaze you…"

“I thought Step One could have been the entire course!"

"Signing up for this course was one of the best decisions I have ever made regarding my spiritual path.” 

“This E-Course is a winning combination of Mary’s reassuring words full of love and of Michael’s miraculously healing messages."

"It's an incredible wealth of knowledge…"

"I never knew I had so much love in my heart and it is so overwhelming to me.”

“I highly recommend it especially for folks like me who want to shift into a more heart-centered way of being."

“Mary, I am not a novice… I am 64 and have had intense spiritual teachers and am joyful in my life…  but this is really speaking to me now.”

“I Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!"


Simply sign up here before April 4th...

Click "Buy Now" to pay/register!
Just $55 per person.

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