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"We Are All Being Called" in so many ways. How are you being called? Mary shares her own personal story from Belize, and one that inspired her to travel and do healing work there and in various parts of the world. It was a stepping stone experience for her present work. What is next for you and me? Nothing is stagnant, our work keeps growing and evolving to serve our world.

"The Torus Breath Technique" will likely give you a feeling of much peace, love, and great power as you give and receive love through the toroidal energetic pattern that is within each of us and all things.

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"How to Channel Your Angels"

There is nothing special about Mary or anyone who channels! It is for anyone willing and desiring to connect with the higher realms. We just aren't taught this. Mary gives a short explanation on how to easily receive messages from the highest of the high, in the Heavenly realms.

A Muscle-Testing Demo, created for Readers of Law of Attraction Magazine, to support Mary's full-length article.

One of Mary's favorite channeled messages from Archangel Michael about navigating from THE HEART! One night she was guided to go to Moab, Utah, and found herself channeling this message there, the very next day.

Mary's most recent message, from Sedona, Arizona. We are anchoring Divine energies into the earth and there is nothing more important we can do now... albeit we may feel exhausted, with symptoms, and feeling "not here" at times.

Archangel Michael guided Mary to visit Sedona for the 11/11 in 2012. It led to her creation of four channeled videos within two days.

My channeled message from Archangel Michael on 12/12/12! The shift cannot happen without each of you. You are going through a quickening phase as you release the 3D aspects of you.

A 12/21/12 message... a most auspicious time on our planet. It's time to think out of the box and create beyond our imaginations.