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Do you hear Archangel Michael's call?
He is offering his sword to his Warriors of Light!
A sacred mission... for all willing to face truths.


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Raising of the Sword Synchronized Events:

We raise AA Michael's sword with him while in a state of Love

Every Monday & Thursday,

8 pm (20:00) EST; Every Saturday 12 pm EST
Worldwide raisings since February 12, 2018!

Or, you can join us in fervent prayer as we raise...

Sign up to become one of Michael's Warriors of Light, below... or contact Mary for more information!

Learn how to Raise Michael's Sword through this Award-Winning Book:



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Paperback: Click here.

E-book: Click here.


Or for Signed Copies:

Please check with Mary at for availability.
People have been felt to spread Michael's call with multiple copy requests; 2, 3, 5, even 10 copies, which is most deeply appreciated!

Here are the specs:
Michael’s Sword & You
ISBN: 978-0-9890169-2-6
230 pages
14.4 ounces
6” x 9"
Matte Cover

Share Your Magical Validations!


If you would like to share your magical validations of either being led to or once performing sword work—such as synchronicities, supporting messages, sightings, etc.—please email them to Mary at She can then share them with the group, first name with last initial.

To get on the Michael's Sword & You Synchronized Sword Raising Announcement E-Mail List:








Please contact Mary Soliel with any questions at:

Twelve Twelve Productions, LLC

P.O. Box 555

Flagler Beach, FL 32136



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