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Connecting with God



Mary Soliel

God literally graced Mary with a supernatural miracle underlining and validating this new offering. The life altering message will be shared in session, as it's surely for you too!

A Connecting with God session led by Mary is a unique one. It is ultimately centered around growing our connection to God (or however you name our Higher Power) and our hearts. As you converse with Mary, she will share intuitive hits that will help lead you to potential understandings, healings, and new ways of being. These sessions are not solely about getting answers to your questions. What comes forth will serve as a segue to a new path of releasing old programming and limiting beliefs toward spiritual and life mastery. These sessions are ultimately designed to empower you to be a new kind of human. A human who is in charge of their destiny, and who claims their Divine authority and power, connects to their heart, and manifests a most miraculous new life within this life with newly found abilities and practices.

Mary's messages channeled from Archangel Michael since 2001 were offered to everyone who felt drawn to his messages, primarily about the New Earth and his mighty Sword. With the unprecedented growing challenges since 2020, the time is now ripe to offer these one-to-one personal sessions!

God is waiting for us to grow our connections with Him. Humanity as a whole has increasingly distanced ourselves from our Creator. Only God will ultimately save this world and walking with Him is the way forward because we are deep in spiritual battle now and have some challenging days ahead, albeit miraculous days ahead too. How do people go through these times without God? It is clearly a life-defining choice.


Many of Mary's readers feel a special connection to Archangel Michael, our divine protector and angel of Love. All of the angels desire to be employed not just by readers, but seekers too! We need only ask for help and be aware. While Mary shares with you any information she receives, she will also help further empower you to connect yourself to the angels, and most absolutely connect with your heart... where your greatest wisdom lies. Your participation will strengthen the overall messages as you seek the wisdom, comfort, and healing that you truly desire.


Mary's clients ultimately seek great spiritual growth that their souls are guiding them toward. We are here for this! And Mary is most honored to be a loving and present guide in this divine process.

Music by Thaddeus

"Spiritual Sun Vortex"

"In sitting with Mary I received countless gems throughout the entire session. Some of them were like shooting stars that had I not paid been playing close attention could have gone unnoticed. It was like sitting with a dear friend and receiving valuable wisdom and insight. We also both received a wink from God (as Mary put it) when a glorious monarch butterfly swooped in and circled around my head (like it was going to land on my face) and then circled around Mary's head before flitting off. It came in the most miraculous moment. Almost immediately I experienced a shift within and a new sense of inner direction. What a blessing Mary is!"

Lisa V, Florida

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Upon transaction, Mary will email you to schedule an appointment. Sessions in the U.S. will be via phone or skype. All international meetings will be via skype.

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