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My first two shipments sold out quickly, and this is what is left from my third... nine excellent choices waiting for the right person. Each carry a different energy. I am offering these, first come first serve. In general, I have never found it more important to surround ourselves with crystals and gems, to clear and increase the energy of our homes with them. In fact, I recently took a trip to Arkansas to fill my home and the homes of those close to me with crystals. It makes a difference!

For those unfamiliar with this radiant gem, Larimar, let me give you a little background. Edgar Cayce, The ‘Sleeping Prophet,’ believed strongly in the existence of Atlantis and was convinced that it must be in the Caribbean Sea. Cayce also predicted that a blue stone would be found in the future that would come with extraordinary healing attributes. Many people believe that he was referring to Larimar as it clearly has a spiritual and healing power! This is why I'm passionate about getting this stone out there. It connects with the heart chakra and up! It’s also referred to as a soul mate stone, to attract soul connections in one’s life.

Larimar is mined in a mountainous, relatively inaccessible one square kilometer area in the Dominican Republic, and found nowhere else on earth.

All Larimar will receive Gazing energy before shipment!

Match the number on the picture to find the price shown below, plus $5 US Shipping (outside US, please contact me).

1 = $ 52  SOLD!

2 = $ 46

3 = $ 46  SOLD!

4 = $ 45

5 = $ 29

6 = $ 34

7 = $ 26

8 = $ 14

9 = $ 24 SOLD!

If interested, please let me know the assigned number(s) and I will email you a picture of the front and back, as well, along with a photographed measuring tape so you can see the size. You can always just wire wrap the slabs (for the smaller ones) or get them polished. I prefer the raw gemstone, personally, and for my altar, meditation, to carry around with me; although I do wear larimar pendants and rings as well.

Please note: each slab (except for the three polished tumbled stones) has a touch of coconut oil to bring out the colors. I contacted three stone experts to be sure and learned that I could add a touch of coconut oil to safely display the stunning colors and designs. You can do this with water, but it is temporary, so I opted for the oil this time around.

Please message me at <3

With Love,


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